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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Craigall Craigala and Craiglea

In article <001301c60fc0$f2a69a20$7e8d4354@Computer>,
   David Morrell <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear Richard, I have a putative ancestor who is recorded in the 1831
> census as Samuel Morell of Craigall. I have so far assumed that the
> location was as quoted by you. Other contemporary members of the family
> are recorded as at Lisachrin/Moylettra and Movenis not far away and
> later members of the family were located at Moneydig. It is possible
> that Samuel was a quarryman and I have wondered if there was a quarry
> at the rocks of Craigall. I will be interested to see what responses
> you get to your enquiry. Regards, David.

Surely the same as Craigall Rocks. The rocks remain: the houses nearby get
deserted, and te name leaves the map.

It's a mere 2kM south of Moneydig!

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