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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: [4qd-torrens] ADMIN: pls read - the list's future

Dear Richard and everyone,

Your contribution to the genealogy endeavours of an array of family names
is much appreciated; more of us need to reciprocate with offers of further
batches of material to upload to the site, and certainly we should keep
each other in mind when pursuing our own little explorations, so that we
can keep up the standard of mutual help that characterized certainly the
earlier years of the lists!

Perhpas at the most basic level all of us who post should be aware that
what we are writing will possibly be preserved as part of an archive that
could conceivably last for years if not for generations. We should also be
aware that if we don't take a bit of thought about it before hitting SEND
that we might be giving someone, probably Richard, extra work to clean up
our message so that it can be archived. That's really the bottom line as
far as I can see; all of us need to be aware of those two aspects.

I for one don't mind being chivvied about appropriate posts and behaviour;
I hope not too often! and I trust that I will continue to learn by my

Perhaps this would be an opportune moment for everyone to post an update of
where they have got to with their researches, and we could maybe ask people
to remember to let the rest of us know when they have had a
breakthrough--nothing is more cheering than to hear of someone else's
successful dip into a new set of sources or whatever. ****(Though this
should await Richard's agreement; possibly he doesn't want to be
overwhelmed with emails listing names just at the moment, as he sets up the
new system?)****

As a final suggestion; is there any merit in asking people to consider
putting in the subject line something which would allow either automatic
deletion or easy human deletion of a message which isn't appropriate for
archiving? I'm thinking of the messages (like this one!) which are in
response to a housekeeping or administration situation, or which are just
routine thanks to some individual, or which send seasonal greetings or

Speaking of seasonal greetings, all the best for 2008! And speaking of
thanks, thanks to Richard!

Linde Lunney