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[Bann Valley] Re: Henderson

I am interested in finding more information on my Henderson  family. 
 My maternal grandmother, Mary Jane (Jennie) Henderson (possibly born  in 
Scotland), came from Derry to Philadelphia approximately 1890 -  1892 with 
her family.  I assume this was her parents & at least  one brother, possibly 
 She married a James John Bateman, from Co. Down in Philadelphia  & 
returned to Co. Down with him, where her first child was born in  1896.  Her last 
child, my mother (Florence), was born in Ballylough,  Co. Down in 1907.  The 
entire Bateman family returned to Philadelphia in  1925, where my 
grandmother had numerous Henderson cousins (Hannah, John,  Thomas, William, Martha, & 
Jean).  She died in Philadelphia in  1936.
Most of my family info has been about my father's family - the Bamfords in  
Co. Antrim & am only just beginning to look for my mother's family.   Would 
appreciate hearing from anyone who may have some connections.
Thanks -
Noreen Bamford DiPlacido