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[Bann Valley] rchives available

In article <6C4DD1E7-5BBF-4026-9616-6FB57CC8F8B7@xxxxxxxxxx>,
   Lunney Family <family@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear Richard and everyone

> this is good news; it is really worthwhile running one's eye over the
> old messages because there is such a lot of content in them, and not all
> of it  I remember reading first tie around. There are bound to be new
> leads, five or six years old!

> Glad to hear you are still somewhat interested Richard; I've taken a bit
> of a break from family history, but maybe time to start again!

> All the best and thanks for keeping things current

> Linde

Possibly the main reason for doing the archives is to get them so the
search engins visit. That should get new blood interested and should then
invigorate the list  which has been rather quiet of late.

The old archives, 1999-2001 are in the form of a continuous text file
containing 352 messages. This has to to be split onto 352 numbered files.
Then ther ar monthly files from 2002 to 2007 to be split.

A long and tediouis job, which I cannot easily automate. So don't hold
your breath!

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