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[Bann Valley] Caldwell/McConaghie/Woodend from Articlave

I have been mostly watching for a few years.

My interest is in the Caldwell, McConaghie and Woodend Familes of
Articlave.  My great-grandparents Samuel Caldwell and Annie McConaghie were
married on Nov 30, 1893 in Articlave.  We believe it was the second
marriage for Samuel.  They had four children, William, Mary, Annie with the
fourth perhaps still born.

My grandfather William moved to Canada a few days/weeks after marrying
Margaret Woodend on April 29th, 1924 in Articlave at First Dunboe
Presbyterian Church.  Both attended the church as children and my father
(born in Canada and who became a minister himself) was named after their
minister James Mark.

If anyone has any knowledge of these families or contacts, I would like to
see if I can trace ancestors back a bit further.  I'm trying to put
together a family tree for my parents and her Norwegian ancestors have been
traced way back.  Have a lopsided tree at the moment!

Thanks to Richard, and hope you all enjoy your genealogical pursuits.

Brian Caldwell
Nepean, Ontario, Canada

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