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[Bann Valley] Re: Kennedy family with Torrens connection

In article <fd23f60c-ea1d-3c85-6f22-99893986d6b6@xxxxxxxxx>,
   Nathan Kennedy <ntk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just a follow-up,

> At Thanksgiving dinner I learned that my late uncle had found 
> information that my second great-grandfather William Kennedy was Baptist 
> and associated with Grange Baptist Church in Grange Corner, County 
> Antrim, and may have married at a Baptist church in Philadelphia. They 
> also have documentation that he served in the U.S. Civil War and gained 
> his citizenship from his service.

> Nathan

Do I presume you have used the ww site search facility? Hit the Search
button on any page.

A search for Kennedy returns several pages of hits. Kennedy is not
uncommon in the area!

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