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1740s TOC list again

Is this what you meant?  Will do the Kilrea one better.

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Protestant householders in Tamlaght O'Crilly Parish in 1740

Thos. Church
Tole m'Allester
Danl. m'Allester
John Brannan
Willm. Campble
Robt. Campble
James Killpatrick
James Maberry
James Karny
John Maberry
Richd. Maberry
John Crosly
Mark Carr
John Murry
John m'Laughlin
Tage o'Murry
Randle m'Alester
Patk. Orr
Danl. m'Allin
Hugh o'Diamond
James Wilson
widow Hamilton
Jas. Williamson
Hugh Hill
Ninion Smith
Willm. Hill 
George Akin
Adam Hill
Thos. Madikin
James m'Nickle
John m'Nickle
Rose m'Gulpin
Wm. Collins
Archd. M'Alhphatrick
John Martin
John m'Clemont
Richd. Gardiner
James Collins
Willm. Collins
Robt. Willy
John o'Neal
John Cox
Willm. Cox
James Gillmore
John Campble
James Williamson
Patk. Mulloy
John m'Peak
Widow Mulloy
James Creely
Danl. Margy
Shan. o'Quin
Art o'Quin
John Caskey
Saml. Boulton
John Boyd
widow Casky
Danl. Stuart
John Moylany
John Scott
John Casky
Thos. Stuart
Willm. Boulton
widow Boulton
Mary Blair
John Stuart
John Campble
Edwd. Cox
John m'Lain
Robt. Campble
Richard Campble
Patk. Mulholland
Art Mulholland
James Richey
Peter Tochel
Willm. Stuart
Allen Stuart
John m'Randle
Shan m'Randle
Alexander Turner
Robert Wallace
Willm. Hart
Thos m'Killip
widow m'Cart
widow m'Killip
Willm. m'Kaghy
Robert Withorow
Randle m'Alester
James m'Connell
Dinis m'Cay
John Willy
John m'Cahan
James m'Cahan
Josh Willy
John Faulkner
Willm. Turner
Carby m'Cann
John Campble
widow m'Allary
Danl. m'Allary
James m'Keenan
widow m'Randle
Shan m'Allary
Juggy Kenedy
Dorothy Kenedy
Willm. Kenedy
Jas. Begly
Willm. Begly
Richd. Craford
John o'Mullan
widow m'Ready
Neal m'Cotter
John m'Allary
Frans. Starret
Tole o'Cain
Hugh Glasgow
Patk. O'Quin
widow Davison
Neal o'Neil
James Graham
Hester Laudden
Robt. m'Cormick
Patk. m'Duffe
John Woods
Chas. M'Laughlin
Danl. Downing
Wilm. Catherwood
James Hinds
Chas. Richy
John m'Kaghy
Willm. Johnston
Willm. Fleming
Robert Campbell  (OK!!)
John m'Donnell
widow m'Kay
Bryan m'Gill
widow m'Gill
James Miller
John Mark
Willm. Bole
James m'Cartney
Huy Bay
Henry m'Gill
Danl. m'Peak
James m'Kaghy
John Fleming
John Rea
John Miller
Andw. Cochran
James m'Curtney
Robert Henderson
John Bay
John Murdoch
David Long
Robt. Miller
Robt. Workman
John Kelsy
John m'Dearmont
Danl. m'Peake
Hugh m'Peake
George m'Kaghy
John m'Kaghy
widow Blair
Danl. m'Kaghy
Hugh Crafford
Chas. Kairnan
Archd. m'Kaghy
Art o'Henry
Roger m'Lairn
Cork o'Henry
widow Gilmore
Willm. m'Tammy
widow Campble
Nathl. Marks
John Miliken
widow m'Neal
Neal m'Peake
Hugh Henry
Willm. Sturgeon
Richd. Shaw
Robt. Clements
widow Hevern
Alex. Duncan
Andw. Lorimer
James Mulholland
widow Mullan
Robt. Smith
Frans. Smith
Edmd. o'Dichon
Patk. o'Keenan
Henry Lennox
Hugh Glasgow
Hugh Allice
James m'Cullough
James Knox
James m'Cleland
Patk. m'Veagh
Patk. m'Fadden
Thomas Rainy
Eneas Welsh
Samuel Hasty
Willm. Hasty
James Neal
widow Henry
Tage m'Lain
James Laughlin
John Murphy
James Murphy
Josh. Laughlin
Alex Huey
John Willson
John Neal
Willm. m'Mullan
John Huey
John Reed
John m'Caa
James m'Caa
Robt. Orr
John o'Ferral
James Hilton
Willm. Stuart
Frans. Reed
Chas. Orr
Chars. m'Kaghy
Nichs. Bert
Manus m'Peake
John o'Boylan
Bryan m'Peecke
John Mulholland
Neal o'Diamond
Willm. Mulholland
Jas. m'Calen
David Mulholland
James Mulholland
Mrs. Mulholland
widow m'Peak
Mrs. Mulholland
neal m'Kee
widow Raleagh
Patrick o'Rallaghan
Hugh Walker
Danl. Shaw
Patk. Dorethy
Willm. Gilmore
widow Banintin
Robt. Stuart
Alex Mott
Danl. Workman
Adam Blair
Thos. Roe
George Polike
John Polike
Alexr. Kelly
James Sim
Willm. Sloan
widow Mulholland
John Taylor
John Young
Wm. Young
Willm. m'Caa
Robt. Graham
Fras. Roe
Jas. Gibson
Willm. Workman
widow m'Cullough
Bryan Black
Jas. Stuart
Danl. m'Conoghy
John Gilmore
Mr. m'Lain
Willm. Wilson
James Taylor
John Taylor
John Workman
Nees o'Kenny
Cola m'A'Tamny
Patk. m'A'Tamny
John o'Daly
James Pattan
James Reid
Roger o'Henry
James Tagart
Neal m'A'Terr
Dunc. m'Annuller
George French
Patk. o'Mullan
Chas m'Lain
Henry m'Anular
Edwd. Cox
Nees o'Henry
Mr. Worling
Patk. o'Murry
Alexr. m'Alester
Art o'Neal
Allen Woods
Mary Simon
James Woods
Hugh Young
Robert Smith
Willm. Rea
Margt. Johnston
Robt. Clerk
James Smith
Alexr. Rea
James Rea
John Rea
George Rea
John Bell

Source:	Kernohan, J. W.; M.A.  The Parishes of Kilrea and Tamlaght O'Crilly: A Sketch of Their History, with an Account of Boveedy Congregation. Coleraine: Printed at the "Chronicle" Office, 1912, Reprinted by Impact Printing, Coleraine and Ballycastle. 1993,  pgs. 72-75.