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[4qd-bannvalley] More LDS Torrens Deaths Certificates. Co Londonderry.

Hello , Here are some of the Torrens Death Certificates I received recently,
This time It is Co Londonderry Torrens Deaths.

POOR LAW UNION ;-     Ballymoney.
D.O.D.;-     8 Jan 1868.
PLACE;-     Moneysallin.
NAME;-      John Torrens. Age 75 Years, Married.
OCCUPATION;-    Labourer.
CAUSE;-    Fever, 8 Weeks, Certified.
INFORMANT;-    Margaret Torrens, Present at Death, Moneysallin.

POOR LAW UNION;-    Coleraine.
D.O.D;-    4 Dec 1871.
PLACE;-    Moneycarrie, Aghadowey.
NAME;-    Martha Torrens, Age 45, Spinster.
OCCUPATION;-    Weaver.
CAUSE;-    Consumption , 5 years certified.
INFORMANT;-    Esther Torrens, Present at the death, Moneycarrie.

NOTE;- For those of you who are working on the Torrens famillies of
Drumagarner etc. It might be worth taking note that the only Torrens I ever
found living at Moneycarrie was Kennedy Torrens, age 31 in the 1901 Census.
There was a Kennedy Torrens who was the son of a David Torrens & Jane
Kennedy of Drumagarner, Their son Kennedy T, (c1799 - 1882) Married
Elizabeth Graham, and had that I know of a daughter Esther Torrens (c1843) ,
Could it be that he also had a daughter Martha and a son Kenedy as well, and
perhaps they had moved to Moneycarrie ??

D.O.D.;-    15 Sept 1867.
PLACE;-    Mullahinch, Aghadowey.
NAME;-     Mary Torrens, age 80 years, Widow.
OCCUPATION;-    Farmers Widow.
CAUSE;-    Acute Constipation, Four Days , Certified.
INFORMANT;-    Nancy Torrens, Present at the death, Mullahinch.

NOTE;- Richard, I was wonderring if this is the wife of Alexander Torrens of
Mullahinch ?? She is the only Mary who would be of the correct age to have
been wife of Alexander T who was born about 1786.  I think they had a
daughter Nancy T, could this be them ??

D.O.D.;-    3 May 1871.
PLACE;-    Coolneman.
NAME;-    Mary Torrens, age 81, Married.
OCCUPATION;-    Farmers Wife.
CAUSE;-    Pneumonia, Three weeks, Uncertified, No Med Attendant.
INFORMANT;-    Samuel Torrens, Present at the death. Coolnaman.

NOTE;- This must be according to the 1821 Census, Mary T wife of Andrew
Torrens of Culneman, also my G,G,G,Grandmother , in the census she was aged
34, she would have been born about 1787, according to her death certificate
she would have been born about 1790/89, Its close enough compared to any
other Mary T at Culneman in the 1821 Census.
Interesting thing is that her Husband Andrew T committed suicide just about
a month later after her death. The Samuel T on the death certificate must be
her son.

D.O.D.;-    30 Mar 1877.
PLACE;-    Garvagh, Errigal.
NAME;-    Sarah  Torrance, age 70, Spinster.
OCCUPATION;-    Servant..
CAUSE;-    Heart Disease, ____ ?? Dropsy, Five weeks, Certified.
INFORMANT;-    Sarah Mullinway ?? Present at the death. Garvagh.

NOTE;- I looked up the 1821 Census for this Sarah T, she would have been
born about 1807, which means she would have been  about 13 or 14 in 1821, I
found a  Sarah Torrens age 13 who is in  House No 36. Townland of Mayoghill,
In the house of John Peden, it states that Sarah Torrens , age 13, as the

Thats all for now, I hope these are helpfull.

Best Wishes,