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[4qd-bannvalley] Re Morrells/Torrens

       Hello Derek, I am delighted that some of my information is new to 
you. I had heard of the family feud in Moneydig, I believe it was over a 
property. The thatching incident is new to me and adds colour! I believe 
that Elizabeth and John had some sort of small shop. The Post Office family, 
six of them at least,are buried at the Presbyterian Churchyard at Moneydig 
under the briefest inscription I have ever seen which reads "Morrell, 
Crossroads, Moneydig." There were no offspring from this whole family, this 
is possibly explained by the fact that the parents were both Morrells, 
possibly cousins.
     The Morrells of Moneydig are clearly all of one family. The name is 
rare in Ireland. However the lack of the early census has made it extremely 
difficult to establish relationships before 1840 when my great great 
grandfather left Ireland with his family. Any tit-bits you may come across 
could help.

Best Wishes, David.
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> Hello David, Many thanks for the additional information. Thats interesting 
> about the John Morrell who was the son of John and Margaret (Torrens) 
> Morrell, as well as the Peggy Jane Morrell who married William Jackson in 
> 1858 as their daughter.
> I must look over my Torrens notes again to see where this Margaret Torrens 
> who married the John Morrell fits in.
> It is also interesting about the Margaret Jackson living with Elizabeth 
> Morrell in the 1901 Census. Ive looked over the 1901 Census years ago , 
> but I seemed to have missed out on that one.
> Im sorry I dont have much knowledge on that other Torrens family you 
> mentioned in the Roe Valley area. But it is interesting to know for future 
> reference what you mentioned that there was quite a few graves of Torrens 
> at Balteagh. Must investigate that some time.
> I have an update of the children of the Elizabeth Torrens who married the 
> John Morrell in 1864. Although there would only be their children and I 
> dont think there were any Grandchildren as none of them got married that I 
> know of.
> Did you know that there were two sets of Morrells living at Moneydig and 
> they didnt speak ??
> There was one story that an Alec Hogg was thatching a roof on one of the 
> Morrell holdings when the other Morrell approached carrying a "Bull Hook" 
> or "Slasher", and off course in the heat of an arguement in which the two 
> Morrells were having, one of them started chopping at the ladder of which 
> Mr Hogg was using.
> To his Horror Alec Hogg decided to slide down off the roof on the opposite 
> side and ran all the way home to Caheny in no desire whatsoever to return 
> well until things calmed down between these Morrells !!
> One of these Morrells ran the Post Office in Moneydig, and when one of 
> them was deliverring the post to the other Morrell House, he took extra 
> care, especially when if the door of the house was open , the Postman 
> would have just had to try and throw the mail in the door rather than meet 
> the occupant at the door.
> Thats just how much rivalry that went on between these two famillies.
> All this would have been in the early 1900s.
> Best Wishes,
> Derek.