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[4qd-bannvalley] Fleming, Galbraith, Cochrane, Henry, Farren, Coleman, Short.

A few notes to add to your information:

Son Matthew Fleming born about 1821=2E Matthew Fleming, 28, bachelor,
labourer of Macosquin marries Nancy (Anne) Henry, 18, spinster of
Ballyvennox, at the 2nd Dunboe Presbyterian Church 22 Feb 1850=2E They hav=
at least three children - these three are living in Glasgow in 1901:
1850  John Fleming; 1853/4 James Fleming; 1868/9 Henry Fleming=2E

Three other children born in Co=2E Derry (mother- Nancy Henry):
1=2E Elizabeth Fleming born 16 Nov=2E1864 Aghadowey district=2E
2=2E Thomas Fleming born 14 June 1866 Aghadowey distreict=2E
3=2E Margaret Fleming born 14 Jan=2E1870=2E

Not many Flemings about Aghadowey area but found a Matthew Fleming in
Griffith's Valuation (1859) at Camus Macosquin Glebe (house only)=2E

John Fleming, Labourer, Port Glasgow, marries Martha Galbraith of Dunderg,=
at First Coleraine  12 July 1872=2E  Minister R W Fleming=2E They have six=

Susan Coleman Fleming 1876, Coleraine; William John Galbraith Fleming born=

in Aghadowey; 7 September 1878 is my great grandfather; Matthew Fleming
born 1881, Coleraine; Agnes Fleming born 1884; Mary Fleming born 1887;
Martha Short Fleming born 1888 Coleraine=2E

Rev=2E Robert Winning Fleming installed 1860 at First Coleraine Presbyteri=
church=2E He was ordained 1848 in Corboy, brother Alexander minister of
Cookstown & 1st Armagh=2E Married Eliza McKinstry of Co=2E Armagh & had at=

least 5 sons (Rev=2E McKinstry Fleming, Dr=2E Fleming, Alexander Fleming,
Thomas Fleming) & 4 daughters (Ida Fleming, Marion (Fleming) Chapman, Edit=
Ethel (Fleming) Brock)=2E Rev=2E Fleming died 1882 at Bray=2E

William Galbraith (labourer/yarn bleacher/bleacher operative) born about=20=

1825=3F marries Mary Jane Cochrane=2E
Martha Galbraith (born 1848=3F) marries John Fleming in Coleraine in 1872=2E=

Their son William John Galbraith (joiner) born 1854, possibly of Dunderg,=20=

marries Margaret Farren in Portrush in 1877 and their daughter Mary Jane=20=

Cochrane Galbraith is born in 1878 before they move to Glasgow in the earl=

William John Galbraith born 28 Nov=2E1880 Coleraine district (parents-
William & Margaret (Farran) Galbraith=2E

Coleman: Somehow related to Fleming or Galbraith (Susan Coleman Fleming
born 1876=20
Short: Somehow related to Galbraith or Fleming (Martha Short Fleming born
1888 in=20

Just because a surname is used as a middle name do not assume that the
surname is connected- chi;ld could be named after friend, neighbour,
relative by marriage, doctor, minister, teacher, etc=2E

Any idea where in Aghadowey district some of these people were born=3F

Can't see any baptisms that fit for Aghadowey, Crossgar, Macosquin
churches=2E Could the Henrys have been Reformed Presbyterian=3F