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[4qd-bannvalley] James McShane

Hi Julie
	> Do you by chance know of any Martha Boyd, born about 1798 in the
Kilrea area
	(we think) who married a James McShane?
Maybe a long shot, but the 1831 census for Tamlaght O'Crilly parish shows:
James	McShane	Killygullib Townland,	house 35,	1male,	4 fem
The timing would be consistent with a hypothetical James, his wife Martha,
and 2 young daughters. Killygullib is 3 miles sw of Kilrea and many from
there attended Kilrea churches.
Wiiliam Scott

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Hi Boyd,
Your interest in the Boyd surname caught my eye
Sorry I know this info is sketchy at
best, but I just thought I would ask.

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Stepping in where angels fear to tread..........................

The Bann Valley site is unquestionably one of the best on the internet for
Derry and Antrim genealogy.

But, like any transcribed set of documents, it contains mistakes.

This one is from:

"St. Guaire
Parish of Aghadowey
County Londonderry
Northern Ireland"

where the intro says:

 "Graveyard and Marriage records were transcribed by Lavonne Bradfield. The
graveyard records may not be complete and it would be a useful task if some
visitor to the area would check for gaps!"  I am sure Lavonne meant to add

Check the page at:

and I copy and paste:

"207 Boyd
Old stone, really nice, easy to read
Erected by
John and Thomas Boyd of Boston USA in memory of
their mother, Jane Boyd, who departed this life, 27 December 1852, aged 56
their father, Thomas Boyd, stone broken in half here
Killykergan, who departed this life, 11 February 1859, aged 72 years"

Well take my word for it, this broken stone is NOT in St Guaire's Parish
Church in Aghadowey.  It is most DEFINITELY in Ballylintagh old Presbyterian
Church graveyard in Ballylintagh.  I have lain on my belly looking
underneath the broken half to write down the unusual inscription by Thomas
Boyd of Boston.  It is right beside the grave where I believe my Mary (Boyd)
Brewster is buried.  So it cannot be in the parish church in Aghadowey.
Unless Thomas Boyd of Boston erected two stones and both are broken in half!

Can we stop throwing the insults back and forth and just move on to improve
what is already a fantastic website.

Richard, I feel very guilty that I cannot offer my help but I am simply
overcommitted as it is.  I am gald you have found a suitable assistant.



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Subject: [4qd-bannvalley] Church Records - mistakes?

> In article <380-2200710223174422516@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
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> > Perhaps if you are re-organising the site it would be the time to make
> > some corrections. For example, under church lists are marriages for St.
> > Paul's Church of Ireland in Garvagh which are actually the marriages for
> > Moyletragh Parish Church. Many of the gravestone inscriptions are also
> > incorrect.
> Can anyone substantiate the above?
> These records were supplied by Lavonne, who has done a huge amount of work
> for the site, and whom I trust.