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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Site errors

In article <190049.73929.qm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   T. Semple <howdyhi_us@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This whole question really just emphasizes the importance of doing your
> own research and substantiating things you find on the internet.

Or marking them as 'provisional' and quoting source and date. Remember the
internet is quite ephemeral. Sites can be removed for various reasons.

> Of course, like me living in the U.S., it's not practical to come to the
> UK (at least, not in my immediate future, but hopefully someday!), and
> the info on this site is the next best resource we have. I, for one,
> have found much more about my Semple ancestors on this site than I ever
> would have otherwise. But to really do it right you need to track down
> the source information yourself when possible.

Transcriptions are always the transcribers readings. If the family is
connected to you, you may read it differently. You may also see
connections by loking at the whole m.s. record. Transcribed lists always
seem to be extracts.

>   That being said, I really appreciate Lavonne's earlier work and your
>   work, Richard, in maintaining the site. Looking forward to the new
>   site...good luck with your move! Troy Semple


Changes are now being applied to the new site (not many yet). We're not
deleting stuff from the old. At some time I will do so and put on a
redirect but only after everything is on the new.

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