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[Bann Valley] Strikeouts

I think William is right on!!  Spending so much time/eyestrain on filming, transcribing and proofing this record didn't leave much time for seeing it as a whole or interpreting its social history.

One thought does occur to me at this point about the strikeouts.  The "unaccounted for" strikeouts may have been done when the communicant was removed to a newly created Roll Book.  I have seen this in the Boveedy records where a communicant is entered as either by "Cert", "Session & date" OR "Old Roll".  Time will tell as they are transcribed - 3 or 4 more books.  Also, you will see naturally later dates for emigrating members.

And, yes, removed does mean they left for another church, etc.  It does not generally have bad connotations.

Also - there IS a burial book in the offing -with ages- who conducted the service and where!  

My own feeling is that this church - fairly good size - under Rev Witherow (a frustrated genealogist?) for the most part will prove to be a little gem of social history for the Maghera area.



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