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[Bann Valley] Kennedy

Good Evening List.
I am a new list member born and living in New Zealand attempting to trace my ancestory from the Bann Valley Area. My Grandfather Samuel Kennedy with his new Wife emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1900's His Father was Church Kennedy and his Mother was Martha Torrens.  I canot find a death date or burial referance for Church or Martha and wondered if any List Member has come across a record which would help me and or offer a suggestion on a direction of where to search   Checking the Griffiths Valuation I note that Church had land on lease in the Cullyramer area, Ord S 18-10 Ref Number 5 G & H.    I am considering a trip to Northern Ireland to do some on site research and to visit the area from where My Grandfather came from, possably around June July next year {2012}  My Grandfather had married a Mary Fulton at Kilrea, she unfortunately died in 1918 in New Zealand. He then re-married and my father Colin Church Kennedy was born in 1921. He died in 1964 when I was 16, long before I had thoughts of my heritage and had started to ask any questions so I have had a rather large Brick Wall in front of me from the start of my research from here in New Zealand. Any help or information will be most gratefully received.
Kind Regards to all
Colin Peter Kennedy

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