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[4qd-bannvalley] Kilrea families Ontario

A Torrens descendant, Phil Torrens in Whitby Ontario sent me the
following extract from The Northern Advance, an Ontario  paper; 9 Feb
"another of the old landmarks of Simcoe County South was removed by
death in the person of Mr Archie Torrence who died of Bright's Disease
last Friday..at age 82. Deceased was born in Kilrae  1829. Came to
Canada in 1849 and for ten years lived in Dundas county. He then went
to Illinois, US where he lived three years and then went to San
Francisco where he lived until 1879 and then came to Simcoe County
where he married Elizabeth Jamieson widow of ALexander Jamieson. They
moved to Lot1 Con 5 Innisfil....There are two out of a family of four
living Mrs Herb Black on the homestead and Mrs (Dr) Curtiss in Sentinel
Butte Dakota.

His wife's maiden name was probably McCartney. She lived 17 March
1839-31 August 1915

Would anyone like to bet that she and her first husband were also Irish
and probably also from co. Derry? Judging by the names at least.

Another point that arises from  this info; it would be perfectly easy
to assume that we have four Archy Torrences from Kilrea, if you found
them in two different counties in Ontario, Illinois and California,
especially since he came and went to Canada. I wonder was he
homesteading in Illinois?

ANyone recognize this family?
Linde Lunney