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[4qd-bannvalley] Brewsters--for Boyd Gray

Dear Isaac,

this is interesting; other Dinsmore material in PRONI mentions an  
Adam Dinsmore from Templemore, Derry, who went to America with a  
letter of recommendation re his good conduct. It was attested by a JP  
at Muff, co. Donegal in 1772. This sounds like the same connection as  
your old minister. The PRONI material contains a 1993 letter from a  
descendant of this Derry Dinsmore, Mrs Mamie Atkinson.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if these Donegal and Derry Dinsmores  
are the same as the co. Antrim ones;  the article mentions several  
sons of the first settler. However, I think the Knowehead in the  
article might be a co. Antrim one, because of the other surnames  
mentioned. I think there is a Knowehead close to Ballymoney, close to  
where Pinkertons and Hunters, as mentioned in the newspaper. lived.

thanks for your interest!