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[4qd-bannvalley] falkiner

I note that Mary Anne Gamble's father was John Gamble. FYI, I am reasonably
confident that this John is the son of James Gamble and Susanna Torrance.
Ref the 1825 Garvagh Church Visitation List. Susanna's father was John
Torrance 1796 V List. I would be pleased to supply any further information
on this to anyone interested
Good Hunting,
Jim Torrance, Dunoon and Glasgow

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William John Falkiner's father was William and Mary Ann's father was John
Birthdates for 2 more of the children:
-Sarah Falkender born 17 Apr.1868 Kilrea district.
-Robert born 11 May 1873 Kilrea district.

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I am interested in William John Falkiner who married Mary Ann Gamble in
Churchtown Presbyterian Church on 24th December 1852.?

Their children Nancy Ann (1853), Adam (1856), James (1857), Eliza/Lizzie
(1862), William John (1865),Samuel (1865), Martha (1867), Sarah (1869),
Mary (1871), Robert (1873) and Fanny (1878).?They were all?Baptised in
Boveedy Church but it gives no dates of birth just ages at time.?

I am particularly interested in Nancy who went on to marry William Pollock
on 21st December 1883 and their daughter Martha Jane who lived in the Grove
in Garvagh/Kilrea until 1912 and Married James McCleery.

I seem to have drawn blanks on progressing any further.? I am checking
Churchtown records but have to date drawn a blank.? I have also tried
Emerald Ancestors to no avail?? Any suggestions?