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Re: 1660 and all that

Dear Richard, I gave up a long time ago on Lavonne's stuff; when it didn't
crash my computer, I couldn't follow it through the line breaks, and it was
doing me more harm than good.
>Then there's Lavonne's HTML...
>has a long screed starting with Smyth's gravestone and listing lots of
>other related documents in such a way that I can make little sense of it!
>But I pickup up the page a long time ago, so maybe she's reworked it since.
>However, I've attached the text extracted from it. Can you translate it?
>It's easy enough to pull out 1796, 1818, 1821 records, but it's not clear
>to me what is the 1825 visitation list: probably because I have no record
>of this!

If I showed Lavonne's essayto my mother or aunt Margaret, they could
explain it; they would know these people; it's all over my head

>It's another fine example of having an interpretation of the data - not
>the data itself!
>> I pulled my hair out overthis all, because I had--on the basis of best
>> fit and reasonable assumptions--come up with quite a different family-or
>> rather two families. I put herin touch with Dan Wilson who is
>> researching co. Derry families in Mauch Chunk, and has two Torrenses
>> marrying some of his folk there; I haven't heard from either of them
>> since- they must be knee deep in Western Pennsylvanian/derry links.
>> Mauch Chunk must have been solid Derry in the 19th C.  I finally
>> swallowed a slight amount of  pride and admitted that her aunt Kate
>> probably knew more about her own family than I did; so I accepted her
>> version, and amended my data accordingly.
>Then we need to decide first exactly what data we do have?
>> Re the Robert in Mayoghil;

No, here I was trying to find a location for the Robert of Stranorlar; I
think he must have been Thomas and Margaret's son. What I was trying to do
was find a source in an earlier Torrens line for the name Robert, so I
pulled out the possibility that Annie F. came up with--that William of
carnroe/ Ballinagarvey, who executed Alexander's will, was a brother of
Alexander's and that the son Robert mentioned in the will was a son of
William;; annie suggested that since exeutors couldn't be left bequests,
that leaving money  to the son of the executor would be a way of thanking
him for his trouble.

>Are we talking of the one who went to America? I guess we have to be.
>> there is also a Robert in another earlier line; perhaps in carnroe, if
>> Annie'e theory is right, that William the executor of Alexander's will
>> is of Carnroe and that it is is his son who is bequeathed the £2 in
>> Mulahinch's will.
>The tree fits with American Robert being bequeathed a 'hands across sea'
>memento. But really that's all that can be said for it.
>We do not know of any other Robert. But either it is American Robert, or
>it's not! We have no other Robert on record. Apart, that is from Rev
>Robert of Kilrea!

>I saw Hugh ay the weekend. He suggested that there must be somewhere an
>archive of Kernohan's own records. Any ideas?

PRONI has some of the material that you have; presumably Kernohan's copies
for his own use? Although some at least of it is in material deposited by
Crossle rather than Kernohan