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Robert G Torrence
Hell's Peak Road
Vermont 05148

January 12 1979

Dear Bob

Thank you for your card and good wishes
in which I must say you are quite generous considering
the lengths of time I have owed you a response to your
last letter about which I am duely embarrassed.

For the past three months I have been plagued
with a persistent eczema largely confined to my ears and
extremities. No sooner than the condition begins to clear
and medications are discontinued than it reappears. It
has been a great nuisance. A great deal of the writing
I have done - and that has been little - has ben wearing
rubber gloves. The specialists suspect that there may
be some connection between the problem and one of
the medications I am taking for dystonia. To eliminate
them one by one would appear to be the obvious answer, save
for the fact they are drugs that require several months
to establish a level of effectiveness and a testing process
would thus require some eighteen months to accomplish
anything significant. This presents something of a dilemma.

Turning to your letter, first, I would certainly be
interested on a One Name Society. Are you contacting others
about setting one up?

The information from Edinburgh sound most
interesting and I would be interested in knowing what
you may have gleaned from it over the past several
months. The "vital link or clue" you mention always
eluded my father with the information he had available
to him.

You also mention material mentioned by Kernohan,
referring to page 297 of a book by Hart, and ask about
getting old of a copy. I presume this relates to another
book by Kernohan other than the one you have. Do
you know its title? If you could let me know the
title of the book you do have, I will write both the
Baltimore and Pennsylvania Historical societies and
ascertain whether they are in possession of it.

During the fall I simply was not up to making the
trip to New Haven and this the cartons remain in storage.
As I think I may have mentioned to you my belongings are
stored in seven warehouse containers. As I could not be
present at the time of removal of cartons from my former
home and my former wife did not see fit to mark
manifest as to carton contents, such containers will have
to be opened and the cartons checked individually to determine
contents. It is a big job and one i do not look forward to.
But it must be done and I wish I felt physically
encouraged to get at it. I am sure I must be a great
disappointment to you in this matter and my regret is
increased by the fact that I long to have selected
items from my belongings about me, though the limited
size of my present house prevents anything like a
complete transfer which, if possible, would allow m
to make a leisurely investigation of all that is stored.

Hoping this finds you in good health and
surviving what I read to be another terrible winter
in your part of the world.  



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