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Re: [Torrens List] Torrens family in Garvagh

Laurie, If you are related through the Torrens/ Hall famillies then you are related to the Hislops of Conneticutt. I know there was a man Hall I was in contact with some years ago from New York and he was related also to the Hislops . Elizabeth Torrens was a daughter of Thomas Torrens and Sara Jane Torrens, she Married a John James Hislop as I recall. I have visited the Hislops a lot of times when I was in America. Elizaqbeth had a sister Margaret and I forget the others, she had a brother Jonathan who Married a Mary Alexander, They had a family of 10, one of them was HugH Torrens (b1910) I remember asking Hugh Torrens who passed away some years ago about the Hislops, he never heard of them but he was aware of the Hall family in New York. I often wonderred if there had been a fallout between his family and Elizabeth T who married Hislop.

Glad to hear from another Family Connection.

Best Wishes,


Laurie Pavlos wrote:

Thank you for looking into this. I have been able to find Margaret, b. 1874, daughter of Thomas Torrens and Sara Jane Torrens (Torrens was Sara's maiden name). This connection appears to be correct, because my grandmother's name, Nan Brown Hall, matches Margaret's sister (Nancy Brown Torrens) as well as Margaret's grandmother (Nancy Brown). Margaret came to New York at age 19, and apparently corresponded with her family through her life.

I am so appreciative of all the work others have done to sort out the birth, death and marriage records. I'm a true amateur at this but find both the puzzle-solving and the stories fascinating.
Thank you for your help!

If anyone is interested in this part of the Hall/Torrens family in the U.S., let me know.


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