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Miscellaneous Torrens Family Documents

Derry Will

Alexander Terrence of Carnroe, Co. Londonderry, yeoman

To Marien my dearly beloved wife 20 to be put to interest for her for
life, and at her decease said 20 to be equally divided to Archibald
Terrence (his) childer.

Also to my dearly beloved wife 2 acres of plowed land and two cows grass,
rent free for her life.

To my son John Terence 10
To my son Hugh Terence 10
To my grandson, son to John Terrence, Alexander Terrence

To Mary Terrence 2 Roues (or Houes?)

I desire and give to John Scot his bond bill to him.

To my son Archibald Terrence what remains of debts, bills, bonds, due me
and all other goods and chattles, he to pay my debts, rents and funeral

Appoint my son Archibald Terrence sole exor and leave him all my rents and
tenements to be by him freely possessed.

Witness whereof, 2 Nov. 1716

                                      Alexander Terrence
Witness: William Boyd
         David Snell

Probate gtd 29 Aug. 1717 to Archibald Terrence the exor, before
Ad: Jenkin, Sur.
Indorsed: "Carnroe, Alexander Torrence last will, 1717

This will connects with the 1748 will of Archibald Torrence of Carnroe

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