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Published in 1938 by Robert M Torrence. This is the most complete work on the Torrens families so the first part of it (which covers the Torrence families) has been transcribed and added to this site. Thanks to Doug Andrijasevich for scanning it, converting to HTML and giving it a first proof reading. From there, I further proof read it, altered the layout to better suit the world wide web and am still, on occasion, making and adding some critical notes and links to modern descendants, as well as correcting sections we now know are in error, and adding and expanding it in the spirit of the original. Feedback is therefore welcome.

You should be warned that the early part of the book is sheer fiction! RMT believed the erroneous tree that had been assembled by the fake genealogist Gustave Anjou

This ebook now includes a whole section on the early Bann Valley Torrenses, starting with Hugh Torrens of Culnamen, first mentioned in 1663.

The original layout was designed for a privately published book, so intended to save paper. The 'treelets' for each section were presented as a block, with different numerals and type faces to identify the lists. This has been removed and the descendants layed out in lists. To preserve the flow of text, all RMT's footnotes have been removed to a separate file, to which other notes can be added where modern knowledge expands them. Where the note applies is a coloured note: Note 60-1 denotes Robert's original footnotes and Note 43-1 denotes a subsequent addition.

In each case, the first number is the page number and the second the note order of that page.

The notes have not been hot-linked to the text: if you read as a frameset, you can slide the notes as you read the text.

The original page breaks have been removed and a small graphic inserted: thus 21 denotes the foot of page 21. This makes the narrative and lists flow much more smoothly.

There are basically two ways to view:

  1. as a frame-based page, with the text on the right and the notes on the left. At the bottom of each section is a link to the next.
  2. as individual pages: read on.

The text has been divided into chunks for fast downloading. There is also an Ancestors page - a sort of contents page, listing the numbered trees from the book and enabling you to hot-link to the text as you will.

Note:Not all the sections below yet exist
  1. Preface
  2. pp 1 - 13
  3. pp 14 - 26
  4. pp 29 - 41 2. Albert Torrence
  5. pp 42 - 53 6. Thomas Torrance
  6. pp 54 - 65 12. The Honorable Joseph Torrence
  7. pp 66 - 79 19. Lewis Torrance
  8. pp 80 - 93 33. George Torrence
  9. pp 80 - 107 3. Hugh Torrrance
  10. pp 108 - 119 49. Samuel Torrance
  11. pp 120 - 140 4. James Torrance
  12. pp 140 - 152 Georgia Branch, John Torrence
  13. pp 153 - 164 Hugh Torrance, of Gaston County
  14. p 165 Francis J Torrance and Arthur Frederick Torrance
  15. pp 166 - 169 Torrance, Canadian branch
  16. pp 170 - 178 Thomas Torrens of Dungiven
  17. A new section on Hugh Torrens of Culnamen, mentioned in 1663.
  18. pp 179 - 184 Hugh Torrens of Mayoughill, corrected and extended.
  19. pp 179 - 184 Hugh Torrens of Mayoughill, RMT's original version.
    This completes the Torrens sections. At this point in time we have stopped the project there. However - it is possible that, by request, we could be persuaded to scan more.

    The rest of the book (mostly not transcribed) lists the "Allied Families"

  20. The Finley / Findlay / Findley families
  21. The Smith - Battaille - Harrison lineage
  22. The Mason / Meason family
  23. The Ellis family
  24. The Newton family
  25. The Irwin family
  26. The McIlvane family
  27. The Rogers family
  28. The McKinnon family
  29. The Galbraith family
  30. pp 491-499 The Descendants of Sarah Marjory Cunningham

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